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Accel’s Joe Schoendorf sits on a panel on “Disruption” at the Viva Technology conference in Paris on Thursday, June 30.

Apple, Google, Facebook, Amazon, Microsoft wont’ be biggest in 20 years: Top VC

America’s most valuable technology firms such as Microsoft and Google are unlikely to maintain their leading positions in the next 20 years, a top Silicon Valley venture capitalist and former Apple executive has warned.

Speaking at the Viva Technology conference in Paris on Thursday, Joe Schoendorf, a partner at venture capital firm Accel, said that developments in technology would see Apple, Alphabet, Facebook, Amazon and Microsoft – the world’s biggest tech firms by market capitalization and among the largest companies on the globe, fall behind.

“Nobody is safe (from disruption)…when I came to the Valley, the dominant force…was called Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs. Snow White was IBM, they owned 90 percent of the main frame market…in effect, all of those eight companies are gone and then we went to the mini computer companies…then we went to the PC companies, then we went to the server companies…so to sit here and say today’s dominant players are forever, is just not going to happen*,” Schoendorf said.

“The question is how long will they last? Some longer than others…but with all the wonders of nature the platform shifts, and boy are we going to have a platform shift. There is always a group of emerging new stars. If I come back here in 20 years, all five of the companies I just told you about, will not be on the top ten list, I can’t tell you which ones, but there will be five new companies that will be on that top 10 or 20 list.”

Schoendorf was the vice president of marketing at Apple Computer (the name of the company before it was changed), in the eighties.

The VC told an anecdote about how he attended the World Economic Forum meeting in Davos for the first time 20 years ago and the major companies on the list were NTT, Coca Cola and General Electric. But those companies have been “disrupted” and are not there anymore, Schoendorf said, illustrating how even dominant players can fall behind quickly.

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I’m not sure about your investment strategies (or anyone else for that matter), but mind require me to be part of a companies board before I bother buying any share. That means I see a long term legacy investment in said company when I invest one cent in their stocks.

*I love how the phrase “so to sit here and say today’s dominant players are forever, is just not going to happen“, because in my opinion it stands up and speak for entrepreneurs from their “dorm rooms” all the way to the homeless shelter who have a simple idea that could bring big tech of today to their knees. Apple used to have other companies catch up with their innovation, now Apple’s playing catch up with — you.

That’s right. You are the disrupter. The reason is because you’re invisible, and you’re invisible because you’re not competing against anyone except who you were yesterday. And that makes you extremely stealth, and we know what happens during stealth mode.

You don’t look over your shoulder when a “competitor” is trying to steal market share from you, that’s so distracting. You look for ways to share something you use every single day that you believe give you so much value, and return to you more dividends than what you originally invested in. You make money every time you share these products and services to friends and family through word of mouth, that doesn’t take rocket science.

While big tech trying to figure you out, you’ve figured out why you are a class act that disrupts the mega corporations — sharing yourself. Your brand is the next big thing.

To your success đŸ˜‰



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