© Nati Harnik/Associated Press Senator Elizabeth Warren spoke Saturday at a forum in Storm Lake, Iowa.

Elizabeth Warren says big agriculture companies should be broken up

STORM LAKE, Iowa — Democratic presidential contenders Elizabeth Warren and Amy Klobuchar expressed support Saturday for strengthening antitrust laws and enforcement to break up big agriculture monopolies.

‘You’ve got these giant corporations that are making bigger and bigger profits … and they’re putting the squeeze on family farms and small farms,’’ Warren said at the Heartland Forum, which was focused on rural issues.

The US senator from Massachusetts called for breaking up some of the biggest farming corporations ‘‘so that they not only do not have that kind of economic power, so that they’re wiping out competition, so they’re taking all the profits for themselves . . . but also so that they don’t have that kind of political power.’’

While supporting an antitrust approach, Klobuchar, a senator and Minnesota Democrat, also proposed putting a fee on corporate mergers to help investigate noncompetitive practices.

‘‘If we stifle competition through monopolies, we’re not just going to bring up the prices for consumers, we’re going to stifle entrepreneurship,’’ she said.

Targeting monopolies was a key part of the agriculture policy Warren rolled out this week, which included a handful of proposals aimed at helping family farmers compete in a market increasingly saturated by major corporations.

Klobuchar and former US Representative John Delaney of Maryland, another White House hopeful who attended the forum, also rolled out rural-focused policies this week. Klobuchar announced a $1 trillion infrastructure plan that would help expand access to rural broadband and strengthen roads and bridges. Delaney offered a comprehensive rural plan that included proposals to strengthen family farmers and rural infrastructure…. (read the rest on The Boston Globe here)

Article source: The Boston Globe


Okay nothing against the original author but the whole point of the article is Senator Warren wanting to break up the big agriculture business. Here’s why we disagree with that, and although you DO break it up, how it will empower the shareholders even more.

America, despite popular beliefs, is a for profit corporation built by entrepreneurs, for entrepreneurs, of entrepreneurs. Unfortunately, big business rested on their laurels by maintaining the status quo of petroleum-based infrastructure and policies that maintain an ancient economy and have stiffened state-of-the-art ideas, technology and innovation that would threaten the livelihoods of those who depend on this petrol-based economy. This is one thing we do agree with Senator Warren.

However, breaking up big agriculture would actually make the shareholders of these firms even more powerful based on how the Sherman Anti-Trust Act was formed, and the financial backing of its passage. If history teaches us anything, it’s to first question it on why John D. Rockefeller and Standard Oil (the first famous alleged break up of a monopoly) had his current holdings and wealth triple after the break up which we know today as Exxon, Chevron, the defunct-Texaco among other brands. The same will happen after breaking up these firms (including Facebook).

The reason this message will appease to Warren’s followers, and those who use their emotions to get back at “the man”, because they do not overstand business; American business. Business was never taught in school. If they were, they’d call this bullshit.

If you really want to take down big agriculture, big pharma, big military, big media, etc., you have to hold yourself, the consumer, as well as ourselves as consumers accountable and responsible of what we buy and purchase from these firms. When you vote for a candidate who depends on corporate donors, using these funds to captivate their audience, including yours and ours, in big media’s formats, we…the consumer…justify the economic power of these so-call big firms.

So in conclusion, it’s not enough to just break up big corporations in the senate or through some simple bill, but to use your bill, your spending to send a message to these firms that you’re purchasing with a purpose from now on. With all that being said, you also have to face the unintended consequences of your decision of buying one product or service over the other. Regardless of your decision, it will affect hundreds if not thousands of hard working Americans and their families that depend on these big agriculture firms for their survival. Just like the consumer chose technology for convenience to purchase their goods in the past 20 years, that created a collateral damage of parts of America that did not adapt to the tech trend which caused an economic shift..which laid off millions of American manufacturing jobs. No, it was not China’s fault, or Mexico’s, but the very decision of every consumer who bought themselves out of a job to get a discount.

Big agriculture provided a convenient and cheaper way for you to make your dinner tonight. Question is; are you willing to trade that, pay a little more in the name of a patriotic principle, and allow your purchase decision to kill of the big agriculture firms. Only your credit card and purchase receipts will tell Elizabeth Warren that. TF


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