Everyday Is Election Day

Do You Really “Vote” With Your Dollar?

everyday is electionIf it is true when they say ‘politicians are bought out by major corporations’, then can it be true that most people DO vote with their dollar?

If the Electoral College vote for the President, and the Vice President of the United States of America, then why do the American citizen go out of their way to the polls on Election Day? Is it a waste of their time?

The United States Electoral College is the institution that elects the President and Vice President of the United States every four years. Citizens of the United States do not directly elect the president or the vice president; instead, these voters directly elect designated intermediaries called “electors,” who almost always have pledged to vote for particular presidential and vice presidential candidates (though unpledged electors are possible) and who are themselves selected according to the particular laws of each state.

So let me get this straight; if the American citizen do not elect a president and VP directly, and corporations are considered an American citizen and THEY don’t directly elect a president and VP, does that mean the “electors” aren’t U.S. citizens?

Do it drive you insane when people really disrespect your right to grievance against the government by telling you ‘you can’t complain’ if you don’t physically vote at the polls?

If the major corporations “buy off” politicians, and politicians do the voting in the EC, then who supplies the major corporations?

In your opinion, what makes a “major corporation”? Remember, your opinion is unique apart from what mainstream media or what anyone tells you a major corporation is.

If we live in a consumer based economy, does it make sense that the corporations get their funding from consumers who choose to buy their products?

If the consumer didn’t buy their products, would they have the money to fund the politicians that vote in their favor?

So again, could it be that every time you go out to shop, are you actually having an Election Day?

That means Election Day is 365 a year, and the biggest is during Black Friday. Speaking on BF, have you noticed that the biggest shopping season of the year happens to be around the two key months that corporations prepare their books for next year? I find it kind of odd that Thanksgiving and Christmas is only a few weeks apart. You? That’s probably just me.

I’m not here to advocate you to “stop shopping at these big corrupt corporations buying out the government”, because everything is a reflection of the self. Everybody gets bought out. A corporation’s ability to be efficient with the way they deliver products at a very timely manner has bought most of the American consumer out of the mom and pop shops who thought that it was “too expensive” to invest in the necessary technology. Not bashing mom and pops, however major corporations also knows they’re doing business in the “convenience” society. When a customer want their product here and now, that corporation delivers.

When you pay for that product, that company makes a profit. Then, for the best interest and growth of that company, they buy some laws that will keep them competitive in the marketplace by lobbying to certain politicians who will vote for that particular Presidential candidate to sign these bills into law.

But what about the Constitution?‘ some people might ask. What Constitution? How many consumers in America even care about it?

How many even know anything about it?

How many feel like it’s in their way?

How many consumers even know what’s in the Constitution?

It doesn’t take much thinking to be a consumer. They earn the money from a job that don’t require much thinking or creativity. They get their paycheck. They cash it. Then they hypnotically go to that corporation’s website via “App” to buy something that’s usually not going to pay them back. And they do it again every payday.

The Corporation sees this. And they invest in the profits from the purchase you made to buy out the politician you may not know about, or even care to know. Then the politician tells you what you want to hear to get elected because the corporation already got the perks ready to go as soon as he/she wins (local/state/federal senators and representatives).

Then business as usual. As long as the American consumer gets what they want, here and now.

The Constitution only exist if it exist in you.

The Constitution doesn’t limit the person. It limits what the government can do TO the person. But if the person don’t respect themselves enough to know their human rights, and limits, then the Constitution can’t work on your behalf.

The Constitution tells the government what to do on your behalf. It is a written document, a legal handcuff on the federal government, and you’re its police.

However, consumerism has allowed corporations to pick up the slack, because the American people slept.

Yes. Greed is good. It is right. It is your right to have self interest before others. Just like it makes sense for you to put the air mask on you during a crash landing before the next person, and you get on the boat first before helping the next guy or you both will suffocate or drown.

Greed is what keeps all economies going. It entices you to be creative and bring out the best in everything you do so you can reach that point first.

Greed is what got you that convenience from that corporation that sent you that product “here and now” because it was greedy to earn that money you were willing to spend. You rewarded its greed by purchasing that product from them.

Politicians see perks that will provide security for themselves and their families just like anyone else. They know that they’d be taken cared of for a very long time. Why?

Because the consumer gave them permission to. It’s good business to cater to the consumer.

A knowledgeable critical thinking Constitutional American citizen is rare. Noble, but it’s not good business for now. Why?

Well, the latter is a niche, but it’s not a billion dollar market. Corporations are in business to makes money, they’re not a philanthropist.

Politicians aren’t stupid, money wise. They know what the people want. Who cares about a pesky old Constitution? What people want is their stuff and they want it now! So politicians deliver.

What if because of this trend, the corporations are becoming the NEW American citizens?

What if the corporations buy their Constitutional freedom with every politician they can buy?

According the United States Supreme Court, Corporations are considered a separate legal entity. A person. A legal U.S. citizen. And in the United States, that citizen has the legal rights as any other person guaranteed by the United States Constitution. They have a right to own property, express themselves through free speech and expression, and they have a right to defend themselves. But it is a robot on paper, for its executives and directors make decisions on its behalf.

“But why do corporations have more rights than us!”

They don’t, they have the same rights protected under the Constitution just as equal as the average American citizen, they just studied the Constitution more closely than the average American. Check it;

When the American worker is “demanding” the government to pay them a wage hire than they’re qualified to earn due to lack of skills, and it’s more than what the company’s making and have to tap into their own resources, the corporation person feels as if the people are demanding the government to commit theft against it. How?

You take someone’s property without them freely giving it to you is theft. Even if the government approves it.

Just like the death penalty. It’s still murder no matter what, because a life was taken no matter if the government performed the execution or not. And regardless of the crime the condemned committed.

The corporation makes a living just like any other American citizen. However, the American citizen gave the corporation the permission to petition the idea, because the profits from the sale enabled them to lobby to their representatives as well. The difference is, that politician sees the fact that they can take care of their families more efficiently shaking the hands of the corporation with a nice juicy check rather than a ballot sheet. And both would do what any red blooded human being would do, laugh all the way to the bank.

There’s nothing right or wrong about any of this. It happens every single day. Corporations depend on the consumer to consume. The consumer has the power to sway whichever direction that money goes to. That’s why corporations fight for market share, and each market share has a district, and each district has a representative, and each representative has a piece of the electoral collegiate pie.

And there’s your President.

I’m not saying this IS happening, but think about it; why is it that the American people are enticed and encouraged to buy, consume, swipe that card, no money down, and credit their way to whatever product and service make them feel whole again. And again. And again?

There’s nothing wrong with consuming. Consuming is good business. And I’m not here to be sarcastic or tell people not to consume. For if you stop consuming, you could jeopardize thousands if not millions of American jobs, no matter how low paying or “shitty” you think it is.

So why is it that corporations lobby for tax loopholes?

Well, because the American people tell them to. They have to, because the American people are asking for three things…

-Higher wages

-Lower prices on goods

-Free government stuff

The only thing the government knows how to do is tax. And the power to tax is the power to destroy. What the American people are asking and not aware of is the following…

-Legalized theft from the corporate hands that feed me by forcing to pay me higher wage

-Then when they’re at a lost, they have to make deals with the DOJ* to allow a merger between them and a foreign competitor, then move overseas in order to provide that same product at the price I want.

-And because I lost my job for demanding theft, I’ll force the rest of the so-call “1 percent” to give me free stuff from the government via higher taxes.

Most of the American citizen usually have it backwards. They call on the government when they don’t get their way, and blame someone else for the economic woes. However, the Constitution requires the American citizen to be diligent and responsible for their rights granted by their everlasting Creator, and to limit the authority of the federal government. Under the Constitution, the federal government ask for permission and cry out to the American citizen. Unfortunately, the American people’s been listening to the wrong Social Studies & civic instructor lately.

The corporation knows how to defend itself because it uses a weapon that most people work their butts off to get–money.

The corporation knows that money makes politicians move, just like it made the American people move back during the Roarin’ 2os. Oh, they haven’t forgot that era. It was a test run.

When the market is greedy, everyone’s loving their banker and want to buy him a drink after the contract’s signed. But when the market’s fearful, every rich person in the street corner is destined to be hanged without a trial, and the banker’s got first dibs to the gallows.

Okay I know I sound really doom and gloom here. My whole point is this–

America got bought off a long time ago, and most of the American people were the ones that took the check, and cashed it without reading the terms and conditions. There was a lot of weight on that check. One of them, was your ability to understand the Constitution.

The free market is a voluntary system where the consumer is the boss of his/her finances and make their own decision of where that money goes. What you buy is a direct reflection of who you are. And any corporation that people feel are “getting away with murder” by buying out these politicians, are buying them out because you said they could.

Monsanto and McDonald’s is only a reflection of the farmer who was responding to a high demand of people who wanted their produce quick and easy in order to make that product. And they created a convenience for that customer to grab their food and go. That is what Monsanto and McDonald’s is a reflection of; a consumer that willingly purchased a product for the convenience of grabbing their food and go.

And in return, Monsanto, McDonald’s, GE, Microsoft, Google, JP Morgan and many more billion dollar corporations use the money the consumers of the free market WILLINGLY gave them, to exercise their rights to do business under the Constitution. They just happen to let their money protest for them.

It’s nothing personal. It’s just business.

The Bottom Line;

“Get Rich Now, Philosophies Later” -Wallace D. Wattles

If you haven’t noticed, the “1 percent”, nor corporation don’t do protests over anything. It’s a waste of time and resources.

My whole point is, the United States government is nothing personal. It IS just business. People MOVE when there’s money on the line. Rather you do or not, it is a tool. And a tool can be used to build, or destroy something.

The average American consumer citizen has used their financial tools as a self inflicted weapon to petition government against themselves. Then they got emotional over it because it turned into a bad deal.

Corporations picked up the slack, and used it as a tool to protect itself from the consumer through government.

I believe you’re seeing the REAL Constitution at work.

The American people don’t know (and usually don’t care) that the 16th Amendment (federal income tax) was NEVER ratified in the first place, which makes it null and void. But the corporation knows this, and have an army of lawyers, lobbyists and politicians who they pay to acknowledge that flaw on their behalf. It’s good business to know this.

The American people don’t know that their rights to be safe and secure of their persons without illegal search and seizure is protected under the 4th Amendment of the Constitution. But the corporation knows, and have the financial means to fly their executives first class and/or private jet to avoid such criminal encroachment. One thing the TSA or the government will NOT do is violate the rights of the very hands that financially and politically feeds them.

In other words, the more personal you get with your so-call “representative”, and let him know who he works for, the more he takes it into consideration. Let’s pretend you’re a politician for a second and you’re looking at two situations;

  1. A pesky uneducated average American voter who knows everything about the world affairs based on what the corporate media feeds them, and demanding you to do something about a topic that has nothing to do with them. And wonder how much they’ll pay you to listen, oh wait, they more than likely hate the rich, so, the perks from them won’t be—–
  2. A multinational billion dollar plus corporation that feeds that pesky American voter that stuff they want them to see while they show you the real, and responds intelligently to the economical and political world, and develops diplomacy with them because it’s good business. Will provide anything you need for you and your family as long as you sign off on a couple of key documents and bills to vote in the house so that the corporation who’s writing you a check for a few million bucks, and a few shares of their company, can stay competitive over the draconian laws that regulates the American people who voted for it..hahahaha. Oh Mr/Mrs. Politician, how much would you like for us to contribute for your next re-election campaign?

Politics is nothing personal, it’s ALWAYS business. Money talks. Until you get that in your head, you mind as well get ready for the next “protest”.

Or, you can stop being the tool, and let your money be that tool to do the protesting for you and ACTUALLY GET HEARD.

Make your money now. Rent a politician. They’re always for sale, and ready for the highest bidder. Is that you?

Then, and only then you can use your money, and your politician to really vote for that President on whatever your philosophy lead you to. And really get that **ish done.

Again, not saying these things are actually happening so don’t quote me on it. Just a bunch of “what ifs”. And even if it wasn’t true that you can “buy a politician”, and everyone go back to the Constitution overnight. Could it be that simple?




*The United States Department of Justice is usually the branch that regulates corporate mergers. They most likely approve a merger between two or more corporations depending on how much market share they control and if their merger will not hurt competition, thus create a pricing disadvantage to consumers and prevent monopolies…(eh,em!)

Your thoughts?


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