Let’s keep it simple…

One thing financial pundits love doing is making math and money sound as complicated as possible. Well, that’s their job, I’m not going to fault them for that, the more complicated it sound to you, the more you turn your money over to them so they can make more money easily. For example; derivatives are a substance within a substance (orange juice from an orange and wine from grapes). 

So let’s flip it and reverse it…

One thing the financial gurus and “experts” HAVE to keep complicated is the term “GDP” among other alphabets. GDP from an economic position may sound more complicated because it’s dealing with numerous factors like millions of households across the country including yours, who’s making what, who’s producing what, how much products and services are bought, how much each person made while making the product, and so on and so forth. Yeah, I know.

So let’s make it simple. The more simple for you the more profitable for you.


TFIctionary definition: GDP=(gross domestic product) your Gross income (BEFORE bills, taxes, expenses), from Domestic resources (home-based business) developing a Product (you use already; food, utilities, telecommunications, etc) the market (friends, family, online customers) purchase every month.

You, a spouse and your child(ren) (18+) start your own individual home-based business together; you enroll, then enroll your spouse/partner and child/friend IN YOUR HOUSEHOLD if possible. This will immedietly generate income*, thus start your economy and GDP.

(*depending on compensation plan, this plan’s enrollment IS the actual real purchase of a consumable product)

Run your own government:

Countries that have the happiest people on earth invest heavily in their citizens’ nutritional welfare (France for example invest in providing a chef for each public schools to teach students nutrition from a scientific proof that what you put in your body improve your learning abilities and cognitive response), this increases the country’s sovereignty and strength through its citizens. I safely assume that’s what you want for your family too: healthy, free and strong. Right?

Create cabinets, departments, and start your own family’s STATE OF THE UNION.

Communication is beyond key, vital, and important. Children should be THE single most important member of your family’s meetings ranging from school, to your belief system, to nutrition and FINANCE. Yes money; talk about it both bad and good. The most powerful families in the world (Waltons, Rockefellers for starters) make it a priority to take care of family business and finance before ANYTHING. They love money, therefore they have it. Put everything out front and center, solve them, wrap it, and done. Always encourage communication. You are the head of the state of your home, BE IT. Do not let the POTUS or anyone outside in your home’s affairs and steal “the most powerful person in the world” from you! That’s YOUR crown to wear in your castle. That home is YOURS, and YOU are the most powerful person in the world to your children, not anyone out there or on your fake scripted TV.

An example of cabinets and departments is the family’s department or “ministry of finance” to manage family funds coming from the home-based business. Study business related books like this one to get some ideas and knowledge on money. Learn how to play the game with your profits.

Ministry of Education: former President Clinton once famously said “training begins at home”. This is so true, I see the training in kids today when they’re in a job and can’t count money. That family has a math problem, but they still spend money, so mind as well capitalize on it. Pick up a book like THIS to share with your children and increase their self, spiritual and money knowledge to protect your empire. Education (educatia=Latin: to bring out forth) in anything is key, however money is central in our lives based on how much we use it no matter how we feel about it, so build up your education department.

Ministry of transportation: make sure your cars (two or more makes a fleet) are mostly used for business purposes. Look at it like this; 97 percent of cars on the road now is spending 90 cents of their auto expenses on someone else business (gas, parts, fluids, TIME) which justify why owning a car is expensive (liability) to them. They turned their vehicle into a rolling money pit instead of a cash machine for themselves. With a home-based business, you can use your vehicles as a commercial vehicle with tax deductible privileges simply for having a home-based business.

Now you see what we mean by people who say “no” to our industry not only live in a scam but has an expensive headache? They don’t play this simple affordable game. According to the game, they’re a lost cause. Let’s keep going…

Speaking on transportation: AFTER your first home-based business becomes profitable and a full fledge asset (superseded your annual income twice: $50k salary = minimum $75k from HBB), find another company that focus on transportation related products, this is reinvesting in your family’s country, your empire. But because we’re talking long term financial stability here, look for a business model similar to ours with NO LEVELS AND/OR BREAKAWAYS (this is so crucial and vital!!) but with an unlimited depth across the board, and simple to do with MAX 3 legs to build, no more than that – the simpler, the better. And use THAT business to buy or own your vehicles. This is why we say in the beginning to start your business as an LLC with an EIN and consult with your corporate tax legal council.

Ministry of Defense: this is a very touchie subject for each person has their taste in how they choose in defending themselves. It has become very political, and most choices come from various religious beliefs. However defending yourself is still your right as a human being. Not all of our clients believe in guns or other firearms which we respect. Therefore, invest in the necessary defense that you find is appropriate for you and your family. One thing in particular we feel is key is getting into some kind of martial arts or combat training, defensive driving, and weapons training (lethal and non-lethal). There are plenty of defense classes from all categories that’s available in your area. But the most vital and key defense is preventive tactics of training your mind to stay calm during a crisis or defensive conditions, your family is depending on you investing in this.

Countries that focus on developing self control of the mind of its first responders and law enforcement under extreme stressed conditions develop a safe community. This also including fire and flood protection. But know that regardless of your choice of defensive tactics, that IS your in-house Navy, Marines, Air Force and Army.

And finally, invest in a HBB that focus on defense related products. But be aware of its compensation plan. Make sure it fits your agenda of long term versus a financial snack.

Ministry of Health: this one is YOUR JOB, not the DHS, FDA, the USDA, healthcare bill or any other government body, this is YOUR government, so take it!

You agree that what you feed your body is what they become. You’ve already took care of the nutritional part in this business, now its time to compliment it. Invest in gym memberships of your choice, workout aids, invest time getting into nature or meditating. This is key to nourishing and optimizing your overall health.

Ministry of Recreation: going to the park, the movies, eating out, vacation, something that winds your mind down from “business stuff” and take a load off. Relaxing, having a good time, this is key with developing a strong bond with family and friends while developing new ones. Even a “daycation” is very important too! And you know, invest in companies or a business that also provides entertainment and recreational related products and services.

Increasing your GROSS (earnings before expenses and taxes) is important for not only your balance sheet, but for your thoughts as well. Did you know that your thoughts create the greatest ACTION of all time? Did you know your body ONLY RESPOND to your thoughts? Yes, that’s why the saying goes “mind over matter”. You can control your income based on your thoughts!

Without any fault of our parents and/or loved ones, we have been trained to think of everyone else around us that can give two shits about us than we do for ourselves and our well-being, but shitty people become priority over you?! Oh hell naw!

Most people are willing to take that extra $20 out of their child’s mouth to pay that light bill or rent for some other family to enjoy. This thought pattern along show the universe (God) that you don’t care about yourself, so why should the universe(God)? Therefore, you will never get ahead financially. Why would you?

Ok I can hear the cries; “don’t ever tell me God never cares for me, I’m giving more!

I’m not telling you God doesn’t care about you, I’m telling you God told YOU to invest in yourself by give unto YOURSELF, and it shall be given back to you. “Good things come to those who serve the Lord” right? But then, you tell God “if it sounds too good to be true, it usually is”. So which one is it? You just told God His word is a lie, or you really don’t serve Him. Nothing good comes to you, so you say “no”, which is what I call a “lost cause”. Get it?

Another example; give yourself knowledge of swimming. If you know how to swim, you can enjoy the ocean or pool. But for someone who can’t swim and they’re struggling to stay afloat, you’re GIVING that which you gave to yourself to learn to swim is about to enable you to give to others by saving their life. You MUST give to yourself first so you can have the energy to give back to others and have less stress. Now you get it?

Let’s continue…

In the contrast, you can reverse that flow: PYF, or “pay yourself FIRST”. And THEN give them rich pricks their money, but YOU take care of your own FIRST. You and your mind comes FIRST, therefore you create wealth within to share with family BEFORE you send one red dime to Wall Street! Let God know that your mind IS the storehouse full of knowledge, you just have to invest in it. Take your PYF as your ten percent tithing, and buy yourself a book, or a massage, a nice tea break, invest in your inner spiritual growth. Something that you can show for YOURSELF now and for years to come. I’ll give you an example;

When I was in job corp, I made only $105 a month with you getting paid twice a month. To make a long story short, I went on a “rec trip” or recreation trip to the mall from a feeling I had earlier to go (my guidance/intuition). So when I got to the bookstore, I knew something was in there for me to get. I look in the business section and lo and behold this book stood out. It was only $10 at the time, and I’ll tell you, this book delivered so much dividends and confidence in me regarding money since that day. I was hooked on it, it was my Bible. I still have it today, over ten years, and millions if not billions of dollars later. Look at that; ten dollars went from a 4-men dorm room in job corps barely making $200 and Ramen noodles every weekend to turning into multiple businesses, a real estate portfolio of properties in key cities, a huge stake in a high end restaurant chain, an investment firm, and a family unit comfortable with plenty of money, and a spiritual foundation for generations to come. I could have easily bought anything that would have cost me some brain cells like meaningless drama and sacrificed what I have now for a cheap thrill. That $10 was MY tithing I invested in my mind.

Image result for $10 dollar bill 2006

This is why I say invest in your mind before starting any business because your mind IS the business. Network marketing, franchising, traditional, it doesn’t matter what you get involved in, if you do not invest in your mind, whatever you touch turns to fool’s gold, and only a fool blames the car if the driver lacks the skills to drive.

I hope this gave you some value regardless if you’re in business with us or not. Please leave a comment below with any questions you may have, or any suggestions on any business related topics you find interesting and shoot me over some ideas.

In the network marketing industry, there’s no such thing as competing with anyone’s company for we all have similar goals; to free people from physical and financial pain while improving their quality of life through peer-to-peer word of mouth investing. But know that you are not your company, you are your own individual unique brand, so grow it. Your brand is NOT your company to your friends and family, you are mom, dad, sister, brother, niece, nephew, and any nickname you gave yourself. Invest in you, your brand, your style, and your uniqueness. We’re all in this together.

One love. TF


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