High-Tech Replacing Fast Food Workers

Free Market Develops Solution To Unskilled Fast Food Workers Demanding Exorbitant Wages

The controversial debate over what low-skilled workers in the fast food industry and others should be earning was never really going to be decided by socialist, Left-wing academics, union chiefs and politicians egging on recent wage-hike protests and movements like “Fight for $15.”

It was always going to be decided by the shop owners and restaurateurs who pay the bills. In other words, there was always going to be a free market solution to this “problem,” even if shop owners and restaurateurs were eventually forced to pay unreasonably high wages to people who don’t have the skill set to earn them.

As noted in this Sept. 2014 article from Natural News, the problem with demanding too much money for the job you are doing is that, eventually, business owners who are forced to pay you more than you’re worth will either get rid of you or find a way to replace you with a less-expensive alternative.

Enter technology, which will affect fast-food workers in particular – though they, and those who are pushing them to demand more money, appear oblivious to it.

Fast food workers, meet your replacement

As reported by Zero Hedge on Nov. 10:

Today, U.S. fast-food workers will strike across 270 cities in a protest for higher wages and union rights that they hope will catch the attention of candidates in 2016 elections, organizers said.

The walkouts will be followed by protests in 500 cities by low-wage workers in such sectors as fast food and home and child care, a statement by organizers of the Fight for $15 campaign said on Monday.

The protests and strikes are aimed at gaining candidates’ support heading into the 2016 election for a minimum wage of $15 an hour and union rights, it said.

The strikes and protests will include workers from McDonald’s, Wendy’s, Burger King , KFC and other restaurants, the statement said.

You can be sympathetic to the cause of those battling low wages, and judging by some polls which indicate that most Americans support raising the minimum wage, many are, though they likely don’t support the $15 minimum wage being demanded. But forcing businesses to pay employees more than they can afford or more than the employee is worth causes business owners to make decisions that will improve their bottom line so they don’t have to close their doors (and then everybody loses).

One way that is happening is through the development and adoption of new technology. And in the fast-food world of burger-flipping and menu preparation, a major breakthrough has just occurred.

As Zero Hedge noted, that breakthrough is Momentum Machines, a robotics company whose technology “can produce an ever-growing list of common choices like salads, sandwiches, hamburgers, and many other multi-ingredient foods with a gourmet focus,” the company website said.

A recent Bank of America report discussed how robotics is going to reshape the world, and that transformation will be led by tech and robotics start-ups like Momentum Machines, which is out to fully automate the process of burger-making and fast-food prep with the goal of replacing human workers.

‘It’s meant to obviate them’

The company’s robotic machine “can shape burgers from ground meat, grill them to order with the specified amount of char, toast buns, add tomatoes, onions, pickles, and finally place it on a conveyor belt,” Zero Hedge reported.

The machine occupies 24 square feet and is much smaller and more efficient than many current assembly line fast food processes. And the machine provides “gourmet cooking methods never before used in a fast food restaurant,” even placing the completed hamburger into a bag.

And all without any attitude, any back talk, fuss or loose hairs. Plus, the machine never needs or takes a day off, does not require Obamacare-mandated health insurance, will never get sick (though presumably it could break down) or come to work hung-over and useless.

As to its real intent, fast-food workers take heed. The company’s co-founder, Alexandros Vardakostas, told the site Xconomy, “Our device isn’t meant to make employees more efficient. It’s meant to completely obviate them.”

What Can You Do About This Changing Phenomena?

Regardless of your views regarding the debate of the minimum wage, or the implementation of this technology, it will affect the lively hood of each and every one of us regardless of income level. HOW you react or respond to it is up to you. As with everything, I like to look at both sides of the coin so that you the reader can make a informal decision on what you can do to be proactive regarding your finances. livelihood, and income stability.

While all the blame is being thrown towards CEOs of these fast food chains, what most people don’t realize is they (the CEO) have a job to do just like everyone else who works for a living. Just as anyone, including you, WILL NOT jeopardize their position and the security of their occupation, CEOs face the same conclusion. Their job, and contract agreement, is to increase profitability, decrease liabilities, CUT COST, and therefore increase value for the shareholders who actually own the company and is cutting that CEO’s paycheck. So understanding the fact that when a CEO of a fast food chain sees an opportunity to lower labor cost by implementing the technology mentioned above, it’s justifiable to shareholders. The CEO choose to invest millions of dollars on this technology, while saving millions from having to spend on benefits and workers’ comp for human employees. That CEO has done the job they were hired to do in the first place, they get a bonus, and his/her family is happy.

When it comes to business, what’s right or wrong is only in the mind of the beholder. Business is numbers and what looks good and profitable in the balance sheets of these businesses rather people believe its “right or wrong”. The Fight For $15 crowd may think its wrong that corporations are not paying a living wage, maybe because that particular kind of position wasn’t meant for anyone to turn it into a living career in the first place. However, some positions were created to go beyond just $15/hr. According to the following video

There ARE Alternatives…Right Here

We’ve heard all over the news and in social media how jobs are moving overseas or being eliminated through technology. Everything from the massive layoffs of HP, to the huge merger between American pharmaceutical giant Pfizer and Ireland’s Allergen which will move Pfizer to Ireland. Jobs are being sifted. So if you’re truly depending on job security without the proper financial education, or multiple streams of income heading your way it could mean disaster.

Do you have a back-up plan?

Let me tell you about a friend of mine….recently she was laid off, and I tried to help with a back up plan before it happened….. But, she thought her job was safe.  And, then she told me, “oh I don’t need to look into that opportunity online, I will find a job quickly”.  Well, she didn’t.

After she almost blew through her entire savings account, she came to me, and joined this program.  Now, she has replaced what her old job was paying her and then some.  She is earning over $700 a week to post for major companies on social media.  She posts online for major companies like the ones you see here.

She then went on to tell me that now, 6 months later, she was more financially secure than she had ever been, and that it was all thanks to the Facebook.

Most businesses have Facebook, Twitter and other social media accounts that they just don’t have time to manage themselves, so they pay people like her to do it for them part time from home.

It’s so easy anyone can do it…..

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9 times out of 10 most of the supporters and pushers of the $15 minimum wage ARE doing the following

And 9 times out of 10 most of the supporters and pushers of the $15 minimum wage ARE NOT doing the following:

  • Taking their TIME…on social media to find out which corporations ARE hiring people who spend almost 18 hours a day of their daily lives to post on social media for these corporations and get PAID.
  • Going on Google or any search engine of their choice for free and find out how to start a business with usually less investment than the phone they paid for to stare at all day posting on Facebook about–fill in the blanks.
  • Currently running a successful and profitable business of their own.

The Bottom Line:

For the record, I might sound harsh towards the supporters of the so-call $15 minimum wage, but I’m not.

Okay I am, but with love.

I actually respect the fact that SOME are fighting for something they believe in which takes a lot of courage.

With that being said, my point is for that person to really know what it is they’re truly fighting for is their own organic idea, or they’re influenced by someone else idea who can’t really tell you who you’re meant to be based on your life’s journey. Fighting for something you believe in is highly admirable–if it’s something only YOU believe in and stand up for, EVEN if the Fight For $15 crowd turn on you.

So you have a choice; start an online business, work from home and make money online, or depend on these jobs that’s not guaranteed to be around for long. Your choice.

Source: NaturalNews.com

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