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Why The Middle Class Could Be Suffering From Stockholm Syndrome And Not Even Know It

We have one word; information.

This is the single most reason why the middle class is right where they are and will continue to suffer both financially and emotionally — because they live in, and resonate with a financial lie while remaining in what we call cognitive dissidence.

What’s cognitive dissidence?

In simple lament’s “junior high school” term; it’s when you realized you’ve been had from day one from a deep rooted belief and is so ashamed of the betrayal, you put a mental block up against all information, data and hard evidence that points out the lie while believing in the lie.

Or in kindergarten terms: you think your parents would never hurt you until someone suddenly present proof they’ve been hurting you throughout childhood and you put up a mental barrier against the proof while defending your parents. (God forbid anyone reading this went through that :()

So there goes your “waking people up” my fellow conspiracy theorists.

For example; false flags ranging from the September 11th attack in 2001, the Boston Marathon bombing, to the police shootings of unarmed black men in recent years, these events maintains and sometimes increase the belief of an already deep rooted belief system that there are terrorists out there, to the assumption that an ethnic group is still considered target practice because of racial tensions. Keep in mind all of these beliefs are expressed without any proof or evidence that the events either happened, or they happened based on society’s beliefs and not because of a bigger more broader agenda. In other words; the beliefs are justified based on what they hear from “he say/she say”, and see on the news which is scripted, narrated, filmed, and staged.

Then they defend the news because it fits their narrow beliefs they were told about.

Going back to the middle class, the question I always ask is; what determines a “middle-class”? Is it an income? How about a financial belief? Could it be that the middle class is only exclusive to here in the United States? Who was the first people or person to coin the group “the middle class”. Why not “high class”?

Could it be that majority of black USAers were in the lower class, so majority white USAers decided to bump their standard of living a tad higher but not enough to be considered “high-class” or wealthy to be away from the black communities? Keep in mind that one thing that the lower and middle class have in common is they have a lot to say about the one percent. The problem is both classes end up depending on the one percent; the one percent does the charity donations in huge amounts that the lower class depends on while using their investments to create jobs the middle class depends on.

So what is the “Stokholm Syndrome” we’re talking about? Let’s say “SS” for short.

First what is SS? According to Webster’s Dictionary (I don’t trust Wikipedia), SS is the psychological tendency of a hostage to bond with, identify with, or sympathize with his or her captor. So regarding the middle class, they are a captive of their own limited mindset that accuse either the government, illegal immigrants, social programs (welfare), corporate greed or all of above for their financial and economic woes – all while sympathizing and/or identifying with their “captor” whether it’s through a middle class related organization or their political party.

Keep in mind also that poor people in the mind is in the same situation mental wise, but what makes it worst for the middle class is they pretend they got it going on financially while expressing financial woes because of economic and/or political situations outside of their control. In other words; they are well educated in their respective field except their own financial contradiction.

The middle class shun what they’ve depended on since DAY ONE.

No matter how the middle class feel about the poor or the government, they actually depend on both groups. How? 

Let’s say the “poor” depends solely on government assistance. These safety nets can come from a range of programs from food stamps all the way to housing. Now think about it; the middle class taxpayer is led to believe that their tax dollars are going to programs that house and feed the poor of their communities. Now I’m not defending these programs, but think about what they’re doing – if you didn’t have any financial means to feed your children, keep clothes on their backs and a roof over their heads — what would you do? Especially if there was no assistance?

Remember, you said you’d do ANYTHING to protect and provide for your family. Right?

What makes you think every person in this planet doesn’t feel the same way regardless of income status?

The government is using some kind of financial means (which the middle class believe is their tax dollars so let’s play with that belief and flatter them) to keep those in the poverty level from looting, and taking what’s yours in mobs. So do you think that the government paying for these programs is actually doing the middle class a favor? Plus, the poor will use the remaining of their income to buy things ranging from fast food to paying for monthly services of their choosing. What gives the middle class the right or even a slight comprehension of what the poor “need” to spend it on? If that was the case, they wouldn’t be middle class because they’d research where their tax dollars is REALLY going to. For if the middle class want to judge or dictate what the poor should spend their money on based on personal preference, they should become a politician – the only profession where people will hire you to take money from them and use it however you want. Other than that, you’d be considered a criminal.

Let me give you a quick example; a few years ago I’d be considered poor. I depended on government programs to survive. However my personal preference didn’t match the likes of a middle class person. They’d tell me I should get a job. I did consider it until I observe their behavior going to their own jobs, which encouraged me to invest my little few hundred bucks I got every month in books about wealth, finances and investments as well as personal and spiritual growth. After gaining knowledge on wealth, I took my few bucks and started my own business and the rest is history. Now, I have middle class people working for me. So just imagine if I took the advice of an average middle class person about money. I’d be hating Mondays and waiting for my sugar rush on Fridays living for only weekends too.

And because we live in an economy that’s driven on consumption, the poor keeps money flowing into businesses where the middle class are employed by. So consequently, while the middle class is shunning the poor (and sometimes illegal immigrants) for sucking off the system, the middle class need the system to pay the poor (AND illegal immigrants), so the poor can buy things from businesses the middle class work for. And the middle class can continue paying up to fifty percent less with Jose and his amigos to get a job done than what Mike charges because Mike wants to be a good patriotic obedient taxpaying citizen with overheard cost while getting a cookie from Uncle Sam. Otherwise, revenue falls if the majority of the middle class had their political way, and the companies would have to lower their cost to protect their profits. And in every company, the biggest expense to cut first is labor cost.

There goes your benefits.

Speaking of benefits; most companies would NOT be able to provide these perks without the assistance of the government. The government NEED the middle class to work to keep them “busy” (more on this in a minute). So again, the middle class depends on the government to help their employers offer these benefits while company profits.

Another to consider; the government passes laws that make sure that the employers who hire the middle class follow labor laws that doesn’t throw the middle class out in the street overnight. They are protected by laws that give those in the middle class a time frame to find another job, or get compensated based on what they’re entitled to.

The problem with the middle class is they have a mind SET that stays after graduation. If they continue their education after school (especially spiritual and financial), then they would no longer be in the middle. One way or another, the middle class will remain stuck between a rock and a hard place; between the wealthy that build their business is as strong as a rock and the poor that constantly complain how they live in a hard place. Why? Because misery loves company, that’s why you see the middle class as a group, not an individual. You weren’t born a middle class, nor is your name “middle class”. It’s not your genetic code, nor is it your gender or ethnicity, but somehow throughout your life someone told you that you are middle class based on your income status.

In groups is where the biggest deceit lies. They must have a leader ranging from clergies down to their political pimps, they need someone to lead them. And just like SS, they will fight and defend to the death those in power that encourages and maintain their mental bondage. Just like a famous former day trader say all the time; the best way to steal from a person is to give them the illusion that they never had it in the first place.

The middle class want to “own” physical things, but not intangible knowledge. They spend heavily on their field of study to collect stuff ranging from homes to cars, toys to financial products like 401(k)s and mutual funds (which by the way isn’t guaranteed). Their bragging rights are how much physical “assets” they accumulate without acquiring the knowledge to keep it – hence the 2009 financial crisis. And they will argue with you on you telling them why they’re being duped on who’s really the owner of these things. Try it out for yourself, tell them how their “credit report and score” is irrelevant, how their degrees are as valuable as the ink printed on it, and how their home is NOT an asset to them and see what happens — they will defend their captors AT ALL COST.

Why shouldn’t they, you’re disrupting a deep rooted belief system they were told to believe.

That’s kind of like someone coming in the room when you’re dead asleep in the dark, and they got the galls to turn on the lights in your face and tell you to wake up, especially when the dream was supposedly good but not real. What would you do to them?

Now observe your answer as we continue.

So how do you get out of the middle class Stokholm Syndrome? Get out of it mentally. It starts with taking everything you’ve heard about everything; money, finances, the wealthy, business, religion, education system, your country — everything, and flipping it upside down. One thing the wealthy has an advantage of over both the lower and middle class is thinking opposite of the masses. They use their own mind to read books on personal and spiritual growth that embraces wealth, prosperity, meditation, self control, and nature. And they actually practice what they say they preach and believe in. 

Delete your mindSET and start developing a state of mind, which is an exercise of getting your mental workout going by reading more, quieting the outside noise, being silent, and asking questions about yourself to yourself.

The middle class is crowded, noisy, ignorant, boastful, petty and dangerous with a bullying tactic. They’re like that because they were DESIGNED THAT WAY.

They WILL interfere with your agenda and motives of achieving wealth and abundance for yourself and those you love. There’s power in the individual knowing himself over a crowd who believe in themselves based on what society told them they are. Yes, this busts the so-call “power in numbers” myth. There is no power in numbers, there is no power in the masses, just pointless rioting and protests that the powers that they put into power use as a tool to divide and conquer within.

The wealthiest of the wealthy overstand the power of educating yourself about you. Therefore, you’ll realize that of all this bickering about income and wealth inequality is nonsense, unnecessary, and a distraction, for you were born into prosperity at birth. But the only way you can tap into your abundance and inner intelligence is to get out of the crab bucket. The middle class.

And last but not least; if the majority of the middle class is religious, I REALLY know for a psychological fact that they’re in a really bad shape. According to the Bible, God gives you life and give it more abundantly. But if the middle class and the poor is correct about the powers that be that hogs up all the wealth, and have none for the rest of society, then they really suck at being salespeople for their God and basically call Him a liar. They’re contradicting the fact that the Bible is telling them that they have all access to God’s glory and kingdom here on earth, in THIS lifetime. So in other words; their God is basically giving them a corporate credit card with no limit to what they can spend as long as they mind their own business. All they have to know by faith is that they have full unadulterated access to it.

They must think, therefore they are that because they are what they think about all day long. Then know without a shadow of doubt that it’s theirs for the taken. No IRS, no POTUS, government, regulations, or mob can steal what God has for you. And to make it a sweeter deal, God gives you an extra insurance policy without the fine print stating “if God is for me, who can be against me?” — well that looks like a question. This person is wondering “what enemy do I have against my investments if God is for me?” Well, apparently the poor and illegal immigrants according to society. If this is true, then God is a liar again. It looks like according to the middle class, He’s not for them and never was. That’s why they’re shrinking. They even built their beliefs on sand, which mimics a desert, which is the place where Jesus was “allegedly” tempted. This reminds me of the verse where it says “my people perish because of a lack of knowledge and vision” which I can dissect this scripture for hours by itself but that’s for another day and topic. 

You MUST know that you are wealth within. You have the power to declare your life journey. You can live whatever life you desire. But it’s not an overnight thing to heal from the mental illness of middle class syndrome and restofusitis (rest of us-itis) that’s been deeply rooted into your subconscious mind since birth. It’s a gradual healing process to go through, but you have to know yourself by first getting silent.

And finally: I told you I would touch on the “busy” part earlier and here it is; the middle class must remain busy, stressed, and overworked. That’s the name of the game. They can’t take a time off to study, meditate, and ask questions that challenges the status quo because THEY ARE THE STATUS QUO. They can not in any way or anytime focus on their life dreams that God endowed to them from birth. They must remain enter(de)tained at all cost. Even if the government has to give entertainment companies subsidies (in the form of what the middle class would call “bailouts” and corporate welfare), it’s good for business. The middle class must continue to show their irony by celebrating gluttony during Thanksgiving, then trample an innocent retail employee to death for that sale to max out their credit cards during Black Friday the next morning, watch football, and on to New Years to file their tax returns to do it all over again. For how long? Who knows? Ask them. And good luck getting an answer.

They’re filling a void that you can take care of tonight. Ask your archangels for help if you want. Because in a time of deceit (middle class), telling the truth is truly a revolutionary act. But once you’re able to see through the whole matrix, do what Jesus who informed the once blind man who was able to see do — go out and tell NO ONE. And because they contradict their “live by faith and not by sight” cliché, let YOUR LIGHT and truth be a testimony that THEY can see without you even opening your mouth. There’s a reason why (if you’re “born again”) it’s a personal relationship, not an orgy. –TFI


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