Trump brags about not paying taxes: ‘That makes me smart’

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Donald Trump said he’s “smart” by not paying income taxes — and argued that if he did, the money would be “squandered.”

Trump’s jaw-dropping statements came after Hillary Clinton launched a fiery attack on the Republican presidential nominee for breaking a four-decade tradition of White House aspirants releasing their federal income tax returns.

“The only years that anybody’s ever seen were a couple of years when he had to turn them over to state authorities when he was trying to get a casino license, and they showed he didn’t pay any federal income tax,” Clinton said.

Trump quickly retorted: “That makes me smart.”

Later, when Clinton told Trump was that “maybe … you haven’t paid any federal income tax for a lot of years,” the real estate mogul, who claims to be worth up to $10 billion, said that he was a better steward for his money than the government.

“It would be squandered, too, believe me,” Trump said.

Article source: Dan Mangan, CNBC


To reinforce the disclosure above; I’m not supporting, condoning, nor endorsing Donald Trump, Hillary Clinton, nor any candidate of this election.

With that said, I don’t blame Donald Trump for not paying taxes. As a businessman myself, I wouldn’t either.

I don’t know about you, but when it comes to taxes, we’re talking about money. And when we’re talking money, we’re talking numbers. And when we’re talking numbers, we’re talking balance sheets. And when we’re talking balance sheets, we’re talking “here’s the raw numbers of where every dollar’s going. If you don’t like it, redirect the money somewhere else”.

This is the Mississippi river-wide difference between being emotional and feeling “patriotic” about paying your taxes, apart from using logic, strategies, and financial decisions based on numbers to decide if you want to pay it or not according to the return on investment.

So let’s breakdown his comments and compare it to a business person apart from the average American who’d never question the sanity nor legality of paying your taxes:

Donald Trump said he’s “smart” by not paying income taxes — and argued that if he did, the money would be “squandered.”

I agree, and that is smart, along with millions of successful business leaders like yourself. Apart from understanding where income taxes came from, and why it was created, I’d hire the best accountants and lawyers money can buy to legally avoid (not EVADE..there’s a big difference), taxes. And yes, according to my experience traveling for business, the people obviously haven’t been taught the importance of a good return on their “investments” if it’s an investment at all. When you have no idea where it’s going but believe it’s going somewhere based on mere faith on what you’ve been told, then you’re not seeing any returns period. So yes, infrastructure, education and technologically wise, the American people have been HAD for the past hundred-plus years. They don’t approve of the services, but want to force you to pay for it through their friends at the IRS just like them because they’re too entertained to do their own independent research on the matter.

“…the real estate mogul, who claims to be worth up to $10 billion, said that he was a better steward for his money than the government.

“It would be squandered, too, believe me,” Trump said.”

So here’s a question for you; if the federal government REALLY NEED your tax dollars, why on this planet Earth do they give it back to you during income tax season including credits, incentives and deductions? Better yet, why do they use it to bailout major banks and give huge billion dollar incentives to major corporations?

I saw the balance sheet.

My theory is they do the “income tax return season” gig to tease with your emotions because they DON’T NEED your tax dollars. Period. We explain more in our Insiders. Look at this scenario really quick;

You have a massive population of millions of people in this country that know nothing about business, money, a balance sheet, or the laws of supply and demand — yet are strategically AND masterfully entertained. They have habitually paid their taxes on queue without argument (although the Tea Party have done massive protests, you still have it), they don’t expect anything greater in return, they argue passionately about why the rich is greedy, why only living below your means is noble, and what they BELIEVE their tax dollars are going to (welfare, illegal immigration programs, special interest groups, etc), BUT….they still expect YOU to pay for this product THEY have a problem with.

America is NOT in debt. The citizens of the United States of America IS because they SAY they are.

These political terms regarding “budget deficits” and being in massive debt resonates with those who are over their heads in debt because they’re not aware of how money works and that’s all they will hear, even if you told them America’s in great economic shape. They take it too personally, and that’s why they get angry with someone like you and me if we admit we don’t pay our “fair share”. But hence the keyword “admit”. When you file your taxes, you are admitting to the IRS how much you’re making. The bureaucracy is so thick, they don’t know how much you make unless YOU admit how much you made. Coercion and fear tactics have dominated the American people’s mind to file tax returns. That’s not good business for them, but it’s good business for government.

They can’t even put a number on it. And even if they did “audit” you, you still have to admit if it’s correct. In other words; this whole income tax argument has caused fear among people to pay protection money in order to stay out of jail, instead of asking;

Based on my calculations I want to first see if I’m subject to paying an income tax. So for my records, can you please show me line-by-line where in the tax code I’m subject to pay? Then after that, show me a balance sheet where my tax dollars is paying for so I can make the necessary decision if I’m going to pay it, or utilize the tax code to legally avoid paying it.

If you don’t get a satisfactory answer, or they fail to show you hard numbers, as a business person you have the responsibility to respond with your finances accordingly based on your financial agenda. Do you pay? Or do you redirect your finances YOU control to LEGALLY avoid paying any taxation without representation?

For example; you buy groceries at the supermarket of your choice. This transaction was either an investment, or a liability. Knowing that you are what you eat, whatever your body experience eating the food you bought is based on the type of transaction you made. I would assume you want to feel good at all times, so if you feel sick, irritable, tired, or “out of it”, it might be due to the food you bought to eat. This transaction was done without representation on what you spent your money on. You can tell when someone says ‘my money goes from one hand out the other’. They have no idea where the hell their money went to, but they think you’re crazy when you do know about yours. These are the same people that will criticize you when you say you don’t pay your taxes legally. Even if you throw the word ‘LEGALLY’ in their face, they will still look at you like…

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So, in order to feel better, you redirect your spending to another type of food that will make you feel better. No matter how you feel about it, you reevaluated where your money was going, and you did something about it.

Donald Trump, as well as other millionaires and billionaires in this country are that financially positioned for a reason. Millions of “taxpaying” citizens are fighting tooth and nail to force their fellow lower and middle-class citizens to pay their fair share to successful millionaires and billionaires like yourself and I. That’s why the wealthy will not use their finances to rid of the tax code, because that money is only being redirected to those who knows the game. Why would you let a good thing go away like that? This game is extremely lucrative. The average American is fighting over who should pay YOU more money via tax incentives — it’s called lobbying.


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