Proof That Professional Football (Including The Super Bowl)

Video credit: Terry RockerFairley via YouTube


There are TONS of videos on YouTube that speaks on and talks about the “fakeness”, scripted and manipulated fixes that all pro sports teams do. And this tactic has generated the NFL billions of dollars over – season after season. Not only that, but they also have legions of fans who will fight to the death — literally, to argue and debate on how THEIR favorite team and athlete won fair and square and not some puppet to fake his performance for a bigger agenda, or not as “athletic” as he should be. And could not have possibly been played for all these years, thus break out everything fun they ever thought, believed and knew of their tribal team. Could you blame them? We were there once upon a time.

It’s only a “conspiracy” when their favorite team loses.

So is the league making it scripted on purpose for a bigger agenda, or is the fans themselves WANT it to be scripted and the NFL is delivering?

Our only issue is when the majority of these content makers who speak on this particular topic always bring religion and the “wrath of God” in the mix. Not that there’s anything right or wrong with religion, we just feel that there’s so much emotional bias on the subject and throw off the viewer on the BIG PICTURE behind the reason. There are football players who’s practicing the same God or religion these makers claim to believe, could it be they’re manipulating believers as well under the name of God just so they can watch it? Clearly it’s based on their perception and belief of what and why the NFL manipulates.

We searched two and fro looking for a simple and articulated reason behind this fiasco without emotional rants and assumptions fueled by religious opinions. Not that it’s right or wrong, but we learned something new from a BUSINESS PROSPECTIVE watching THIS video, and how a one percenter could manipulate the game just to get an edge because he/she simply wants what MOST religious people also want; money.

Not sure if the above content maker is religious or not, but just like looking at EVERYTHING from a business prospective, we liked how they explained and articulated the numbers mechanism, and the MARKETING magic behind the business of sports entertainment.

Now this is NOT meant to ruin the team spirit of any fans of pro football including the NFL (we are still fans of our respective teams both high school, college and pro), but to give you information that you can CAPITALIZE ON so from a hustling or business standpoint, you can benefit from it. At least in this situation, you not only be a diehard fan for your favorite team or player just for fun, shits and giggles, but you’d have a nice fat bank account to show for it! TF


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