Scams: Do You REALLY Know The Difference?

Lies, Secrets and Scams

What is the difference between online job opportunities requiring a monthly fee that’s deemed to be called scams, and online job staffing agencies like, and Veritude that are considered legit?

They say don’t pay money to get a job, however what do these companies above have in common? It seem as though they have you pay to get a job in a form of a subscription fee, and you..yes YOU the job seeker end up paying over $150 a year.

So in the end whether you get a job or not, didn’t you have to pay just to get a listing of jobs?

And now the second opportunities is online jobs. Social media jobs from major companies have a listing that only certain people have access to where you have to pay one fee of as little as $50 for that listing plus training and  lifetime access and membership.

What’s the difference?

It seems as though the so-call “legit” jobs that mainstream media says is okay, you fork out more money for.

So, what defines a scam then?

What defines a scam to mainstream media?

Now let’s take a look at some “legit” scams.

I heard through the grapevine, a woman forked out a lot of money for a mystery shopper job and got scammed.

Second scam; as you may have seen on Instagram, those sites saying to buy scratch tickets or money pack cards (Green Dot), where you pay $100 and they give you $1000 back by buying these cards, scratch off the PIN, and you text or call them and give the numbers. Once you do that, they have access to all the money you just spent, and it’s untraceable.

A recent heart-breaking article that I just read on Consumer Reports, an 87 year old got taken for….brace yourself for this …$65,000 in one week!

How you may ask? Well, it has to do with the Green Dot money cards. We’ll dive deeper into her story on how she was scammed out of all that money using Green Dot money cards.

But first, I want to share with you an email I received about 6 months ago from a client of mine. The email stated that she’s in trouble in Hawaii and needs money. Some how, the hackers get into people’s accounts and see where they have been traveling. So, when you receive an email from them it’s not out of the ordinary that they would’ve traveled to these particular places.

So back to the independent 87 year old and how she got scammed.

A man phoned her from an unfamiliar number and said her grandson was in Peru and was in trouble. He immediately put another man on the line, and thinking it sound like her grandson Will, she anxiously said into the phone ‘Will?’.

What she unwittingly did was provide the caller with her grandson’s actual name which was swiftly woven into a story.

The caller said Will was in an accident and injured a 7 year old pedestrian. Then another person came on the line claiming to be Will’s lawyer and said Will was in jail and needed money at once, there was no time to think or question. And then he said ‘if she shared this story with anyone, there would be trouble for her grandson. She thought the tale seemed plausible to her. She was shaking and scared and followed the caller’s instructions without verifying the story with anyone in her family.

She immediately withdrew from her savings $5,000 and bought 10 $500 Green Dot money pack cards. She bought 10 from 2 different places as she was instructed. The contact called back as promised and she scratched the card backs and read him the numbers beneath.

That was all he needed to get an almost untraceable $5,000 payment for her grandson’s alleged legal fees.

Over the course of 5 days, the story took on new twists which caused her to buy more money pack cards, she purchased 101 in total and sent $65,000….almost ALL her liquid savings.

It wasn’t until she applied for a $14,000 bank loan against her paid off home, she attracted the attention of the bank manager. With patient prompting, she finally confesses.

The banker told her she was being scammed.

The bank called her son, Will’s father, to confirm that Will was safe…… And he was.

I share with you this story because it may sound unbelievable. You may tell yourself it couldn’t happen to you or your family, but don’t be so sure…

Another brief story I want to share with you; a relative of mine is listed on a site which verifies your legitimacy to post you’re looking for jobs, and people can come to this site and vice versa and send you information for a job. Sound familiar?

She recently received an email for a job opportunity and they were willing to pay her upfront over $5,000 for a service not yet rendered.

And in the email with instructions on how to cash it, and what to do with the rest of the money. She was instructed to cash it via ATM, to NOT go into the bank to cash it with a teller, and to take $2,500 out for her, and send the rest in increments of $500 to five separate individuals.

She did deposit the $5,000 check into the ATM. The ATM spit it back out.

She notified the person, and they sent her another check with the same instructions and guaranteed it would work.

She tried a second time, and thank goodness for her, the ATM spit that one out as well.

She went online to look up the routing number which was valid, but the account was not.

She then went into the bank to cash it with the teller against the instructions, and the teller looked at her suspiciously, the teller then went to get the manager.

The manager and the teller then informed her this is not a legitimate check, and asked where did she get it. She explained the story, and they informed her she was being scammed.

They then told her if she would’ve cashed it, they would’ve had access to her bank account including all of her money because they aren’t a legal operation which requires your written or online permission to debit your account for compliance.

I share this information with you today for your awareness, and safety.

At this point, I would like to give you some knowledge about online paid social media jobs that are legit!

Now, you may be wondering how do I know?

Well, let me tell you a brief story about myself….  I was laid off from my  job a little over 7 months ago.  I thought I would have no problem finding another job.  After burning through my savings, and my debt reaching over $30,000. I was introduced to an online program that trained me and helped me find a job.  I had a job literally within 24 hours.

Believe me I was skeptical at first, but after doing some research and hearing other testimony, I decided I had nothing to lose and everything to gain.

I had no clue that this 12-hour a week job would lead me to making more money than my previous full time job. I found myself  working with Fortune 500 companies worth more than 100 billion dollars, with the most popular websites on the Internet, including Google and eBay, posting, replying to comments and maintaining their social media sites.

And now six months later,  this online job has me financially in a better place than with my old job.

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