Shocking What This Airline Did To Her

This Airline Just Kicked This Woman Off the Plane for the Best Reason

She was about to take off to Chicago when the airlines called her plane back to the gate.


One of the biggest idols in our world today is the bottom dollar. With common phrases like, “everyone has a price” and “money makes the world go ’round” it’s no wonder why the concept that success and money go together in our culture. Enter Southwest Airlines. No we are not getting paid for this story. We’re sharing it because it shows that loving people successfully often comes at a cost and it was a price that the airline was happy to pay for this passenger.

They went above and beyond their responsibilities right after they learned that the son of one of their passengers had just been in a life threatening accident. Peggy Uhle was on a flight from Chicago to Columbus in her seat with the plane still in the runway when the plane turned back to the gate and she was asked to get off.

“I figured I was on the wrong plane. The gate agent told me to check in at the desk and when I did she told me to call my husband,” Uhle said. After she got off the plane customer service told her that her son, who lives in Denver, was in a coma after suffering a head injury. Even before Uhle had disembarked, the airline rebooked on the next non-stop flight to Denver–free of charge.

“They offered a private waiting area, rerouted my luggage, allowed me to board first, and packed a lunch for when I got off the plane in Denver,” Uhle told Boarding Area. “My luggage was delivered to where I was staying, and I even received a call from Southwest asking how my son was doing.”

Uhle said her son is still recovering but she couldn’t be more grateful for the way she was treated. It’s so awesome to see major corporations doing awesome things for awesome people!

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