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Research Has Revealed The Most Disturbing Revelations About Slavery In The South


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Regardless of opinions or thoughts, if you agree with his observation or not, history is the most vague topic in human existence that every historian regardless of research is going by circumstantial evidence and heresy based on the simple fact that none of us who are younger than 150 years old never seen, experienced, nor witnessed it first hand. We’ve heard stories and seen documents, documentaries, and even movies that Hollywood cashed in on regarding the popular historical beliefs of the matter. However, playing a Devil’s Advocate I’d make up documents just to throw the historian off IF I knew I was reincarnating to continue my business so you don’t interfere with my agenda of keeping “blacks” enslaved in the mind — because God forbid slavery wasn’t as punishing to blacks back then as claimed. Also, think of everything you’ve heard  or been told about the KKK, the confederacy, Robert E. Lee, Abe Lincoln, the Civil War and Jefferson Davis — and reverse the story. And see what you get.

And last but not least; this is to alleged “African Americans” who’s ADAMANT about proving and defending the mere thought that slavery affected only blacks here in the Confederate and United States; they have to also defend their thought that blacks from the beginning of time to today did NOT have, and still not have the talent, or freedom of thought and sound mind from “God” to conduct business ANYWHERE in the world of operating a profitable enterprise in livestock through trading despite how disturbing and despicable it was, it was still a profitable business. They would also have to admit that money also restricted itself only to whites.

The beginning of human slavery starts with a mindset that fails to learn anything new about themselves everyday, but instead put the responsibility of learning on institutions.

And lastly, regardless of what people across all cultures want to claim is fact or truth. Facts are numbers and science like physics until it’s challenged. Truth comes in many forms based on your experience in life and no one else. But understand this; facts and truth across the board never ever need defending especially from the likes of humans like us who is driven by diverse biased beliefs. Because when it’s all said and done and the dust from the history archives settles, truth and facts will reveal itself as opposite of what we thought it was, and reveal the greatest shock of our entire existence.



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