Three Companies You’ve Only Heard Of If You’re In The 1%

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Here are three brands preferred by the wealthy:

Centigon Security Group (formerly known as Carat Duchatelet)

Their business is “commercial armoured vehicles”. What is that? Basically, they modify existing car models to be safe for passengers who might be the target of an attack. That’s ballistic glass, grenade-proof floors, reinforced axels, protected fuel tanks, that kind of thing. Their clients include important business figures, heads of state, and other elite individuals and families. Naturally, very few non-rich people require this magnitude of security – and thus, this type of product (and furthermore, this specific brand) would not be known to most consumers, and thus they would have no basis on which to prefer it.

According to a 2006 Forbes article, the most basic armoured car by Centigon starts at $70,000. But it can easily go up to $100,000, and much more. (Source: If You Do Nothing… You’ll Die)


This is perhaps the best-known manufacturer of private jets. While other makers such as Cessna do exist, Gulfstream seems to be the best known, and the most preferred among the rich. With their wares only visible to the wealthy, there is no premise for one to be aware of (let alone prefer) this brand, if they’re not rich.

You can buy a used 2011 model here for $36,000,000: Gulfstream Aerospace – Pre-Owned Aircraft – G550 S/N 5300.

Holland & Holland

This British rifle maker caters to the elite of the elite in the sport of hunting. In most parts of the world, hunting is a rich person’s sport. Despite this, “regular” hunting rifles can be found at places such as Wal Mart for as little as $100. Decent ones at Dick’s Sporting Goods seem to go for an average of about $400. Not too bad.

If you want a Holland & Holland rifle, however… with its production done all by hand, a rich history of innovation, and a long list of accomplishments (including being the only gunmakers ever to receive a British Royal Warrant), it will run you into the tens, and possibly even hundreds of thousands of dollars. The “Royal” Sidelock Shotgun is currently listed used on H&H’s website for $87,500: Holland & Holland ‘Royal’ Sidelock Shotgun | New York.

This, like the other things above, simply wouldn’t occur to the average person as something that exists. Thus, those who would prefer Holland & Holland guns (as well as other things they make, such as hunting clothing), are almost exclusively going to be rich people.

Oh… wait… you’re surprised that I didn’t mention a brand like Ferrari? That’s because it’s not a brand preferred mostly by the rich.

Sure, only rich people can afford to buy and maintain Ferrari vehicles. But it’s one of the best-known brands in the world. To put that into perspective, Ferrari’s Facebook fan page has over 16,500,000 followers. By comparison, Ford’s Facebook fan page has less than half of that, at 8,200,000 followers. It seems that a whole lot of people prefer the Ferrari brand, eh?

Well, it’s one thing to prefer the brand, but another to consume it, right? Not exactly. Ferrari sells a whole range of consumer products, including clothing, watches, fragrances, and luggage. For instance, you can buy a Ferrari baseball cap on Ferrari’s online store for $45.00 USD. Even I can afford that!

So, since anybody with a pulse and $45 can enjoy the Ferrari brand by purchasing a hat, I think it’s pretty safe to say that Ferrari is not preferred mostly by the rich, since there are plenty of non-rich people who appreciate and consume this brand. Sure, it’s appreciated by a lot of rich people, but it’s appreciated by a lot of non-rich people, too. This same idea would apply to brands such as Apple and Starbucks, since rich people and poor people use the exact same iPhones, and drink the exact same brand of coffee.

Non-rich people generally haven’t heard of the three brands I profiled above, simply because there would be no occasion for the average person to even hear of such products as armoured luxury vehicles, and hunting rifles hand-made by a company with a British Royal Warrant. So, since mostly rich people have even so much as heard of these brands, and are likely to be the only ones to consume such brands, I would say that these are very good examples of brands that are preferred mostly by the rich.

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